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Travel Tips

Passport & Visa

• Check the passport and visa requirements for the countries you are visiting / transiting in on your planned journey - make sure you apply for them well in advance of your date of travel.

• Check the validity of your Passport and Visas.

• Don't forget your passport and visa on the day of travel.

• If you lose your passport or visa please contact the embassy or consulate immediately in the country you are traveling in.


• Put a luggage strap around your case for easy identification and extra security.

• If you lose your passport or visa please contact the embassy or consulate immediately in the country you are traveling in.

• Never carry packages on behalf of anyone else, however genuine they seem to be.

• Never leave luggage unattended at airports, this creates a high security risk.


• Check the inoculation and health requirements for all of the countries you are visiting on your journey. • Please be aware some vaccinations need to be administered 4-6 weeks before travel.

• If you are carrying medicines or medications with you please keep a note of your condition and the medication you require somewhere handy e.g. a piece of paper inside the cover of your passport, where it can be easily found in an emergency.

• Ensure you take extra supplies of medication in case you get delayed abroad.


• Check the ticket for Flight(s) details & accuracy as soon as you receive it.

• Keep your tickets with your passport and visas and do not forget them on the day you travel.


• Pack the night before you travel, to save rushing and being late for your flight.

• Check the weather forecast at your destination before travel to avoid taking unnecessary luggage.

• Roll clothes instead of folding them, it creates less creases. Honestly!

• Pack travel sizes of all of the lotions and potions you require to save space.


• Check with the airline you are traveling with on the stipulated baggage allowances.

• Make sure that your hand baggage allowance does not exceed to the limits enforced by the airline you are traveling with. This ensures unnecessary embarrassment at the check-in desk, having to move luggage from your hand baggage to your suitcase.

Checking Into and Out of the Airport

• Check timetable for public transport in advance to ensure you arrive at the airport well in time.

• If taking your car pre-book parking wherever possible or get someone to give you a lift in order to save time wherever possible use only metered taxis around the airport.